Materials Handling System

New conveyors and transfer stations design for a wharf expansion

The issue

Our client planned to win a tender to design and construct a major upgrade to an iron ore export facility.  They required an engineering group they could trust to help them firstly win the project, and then deliver the works.  Whilst a cost competitive design was important, the contractor knew that poor engineering services would cost them many times more in delays and re-work.

The solution

Adra Group had previously delivered solutions for the client and were trusted with a preliminary design the contractor used to win the project, and then detailed mechanical and structural design of the materials handling system.  Our scope of work included engineering and drafting from concepts through to shop detailing, along with collaboration with the civil, electrical and Shiploader designers.  We provided engineering support during the construction and commissioning phases.

Adra’s were responsible for two new 4,000 tonnes per hour conveyors, transfer stations and the Shiploader gallery.

Project Highlights

■ Adra were responsible for design development and collaboration for the multiple discipline, multiple contractor expansion project.

■ Deliverables included layouts; engineering documents and drawings; and fabrication / shop detail drawings.

■ The scope included 2 new 4,000 tonne per hour conveyor systems, transfer stations and Shiploader gallery.

■ Multiple discipline detail design was finished in less than 4 months for the fast track project.

The result

To deliver the fast track project Adra completed the design in less than 4 months, including significant collaboration with the electrical and civil designers. The construction was delivered as promised and commissioning was finished early, above expectations.

Our client says “Commissioning went very well with the plant achieving specification without difficulty, the belts and transfers performed well with little spillage.  The communications between all parties was seamless and efficient.  This is not the first time I have engaged Adra Group in such works and I consider this performance to be the norm.”