Pipe Stress Analysis

Expert Engineering and Analysis Services

Site sketch for a pipe stress analysis and piping support design

Pipe Stress Analysis

Adra provide pipe stress analysis as a specific service or as part of our broader piping engineering and design packages.  Thermal effects are not an afterthought – we develop designs that optimise pipe flexibility, support spacing, structural and nozzle loads and other factors for an integrated system.

Applications where Adra has delivered pipe stress analysis include:

  • Power stations – boiler and steam distribution
  • Gas processing facilities
  • Desalination plants
  • Minerals processing plants

Engineering and Design

Adra provides clever, practical solutions for Balanced Machines, Asset Management and Engineering and Design including:

Analysis – FEA / CFD / DEM



Local Drafting Office Management

Modelling, Animations and BIM


As Built / Surveying / Scanning

Reverse Engineering

Project Management

Engineered Products

Pipe stress plot for a temperature change of ambient to 76 C