Chute Modification to Reduce Shutdown Duration

The solution

Adra’s scope of work included:

  • Reverse engineer the chute and provide an as built model
  • Analyse as built strength using FEA and confirm compliance to standards under all load cases, including a blocked chute
  • Design modifications ensuring that structural integrity was maintained
  • Provide arrangement and fabrication drawings and a safe work procedure to complete the modifications

Adra used 3D laser scanning over a number of short duration maintenance isolations to survey the chute. This data was used to develop an as-built model which informed design of the modification. Due to limited availability of information regarding the chute, Adra analysed existing and proposed modified designs to confirm the chute design met Australian standards under multiple load cases. Using the as built model Adra designed hatches to safely access and remove the liners in the high wear area.

The result

The works were completed as planned and the owners now accesses the high wear liners in-situ, reducing most shut downs to a fraction of the original time.

The issue

Long duration shutdowns were impacting the owner’s production. Chute liners in a high wear area could only be accessed by removing an insert using a crane lift. Adra’s client wished to change the liners through the chute and needed to be certain it could be done safety. There was limited information available on the chute and our customer had a tight time frame before the next shut down. The chute could be isolated only for short periods of time to keep production going through a busy operating period.