State-of-the-Art Asset Management Tool

Comprehensive asset management solution for all equipment and infrastructure owners


Adra provides a customisable mobile software-based system which records and collates asset condition data and then presents it in an intuitive, value adding way to the asset owner. The asset management tool can be expanded and modified to reflect different client needs and changes in client systems. Asset data is stored in a cloud-based repository and provision for online and offline site-based data collection is available.

Innovative Solution

The asset management tool does more than just store data. It allows asset owners to save time planning, performing and reporting inspections. Adra’s decades of asset management experience was used in the development of this tool to optimise remediation expenditure and assist with planning maintenance activities.

Key benefits include:

  • Reduced data entry effort throughout the planning, inspection, reporting and analysis stages.
  • Centralised storage of asset data for easy access by Adra Group and clients Worldwide.
  • Automated generation of reports for clients.
  • Algorithms based on best practices to optimise inspection steps and delegations.
  • Condition trending and extrapolation for future maintenance planning and budgeting.
  • Powerful custom queries for immediate insights on client asset data.
  • Identification of hierarchical asset and component relationships to determine asset risk based on component condition and criticality.