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Where Innovation Meets Reliability

Adra Group along with Maclean & Lawrence has a long history of solving our client’s complex problems. We achieve this by utilising our unique and innovative methods for many applications and spanning most industries.

Adragroup Services

Engineering Design Analysis

Civil, structural, Piping.

Design Drafting

Parametric modelling design to engineering design and shop detail drawings.

Project Management

With our many years’ experience, Adra Group offers turnkey project management on any scale.

Compliance Inspections and Certifications

We can provide a range of inspections from new build certification or recertification to lifting studies.

Secondment & Labour Services

With our many years experience in providing what our client requires.

Maclean & Lawrence Services

Water Supply & Drainage

  • Water mains, Supply & Sewage

Natural Gas

  • Specialist gases

Water Treatment & Recycling

Fire Services

Subdevisions & Landscape Reticulation

Trust the team with 30 + years of industry experience

Over the past 30 years, both Adra Group and Maclean and Lawrence have developed a deep understanding of our client’s requirements within various industries, including mining, manufacturing, and offshore.

Let us share our knowledge with you to ensure that your next project is delivered to the highest standard.