Dereck Freestone


The Managing Director of Maclean and Lawrence and a Director of Adra Group, Dereck, has amassed years of practical industry experience with a focus on engineering and design deliverables in the niche and nuanced industries present within Western Australia.

His expansive, hands-on, practical experience means our clients can relax knowing that he and the team will deliver cost-effective, fit-for-purpose engineering solutions, whatever their challenges.

Wade Freestone


The Managing Director of Adra Group and a Director of Maclean and Lawrence, Wade brings a wealth of expertise to the table, specializing in Project Management for Tier 1 Sustaining Capital Projects.

Wade’s role encompasses a spectrum of critical functions, including governance, quality assurance, tailored labour solutions, and hands-on project management. Whether our clients require assistance for a few days or months, with a firm belief in ‘First Time Right,’ Wade and the team ensure that the tailored solution meets the highest standards in the most economical way possible.