Engineering Design Analysis

Multi-discipline engineering design team – Civil, Structural and Mechanical

  • Computations and Reporting
  • Structural Engineering (Industrial and Mining Structures, Commercial Buildings, Storage Tanks, Vessels and Silos, Lifting Design)
  • Civil Engineering (Pipe Jacking and Temporary Works, Earth Retaining Structures, Water Infrastructure)
  • Mechanical Engineering (Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Materials Handling, Simulations)

Design and Drafting

Multi-discipline design and drafting – Civil, Structural and Mechanical

  • 3D modelling and interfacing verification
  • Conceptual and detailed design drawings
  • Shop fabrication drawings
  • Material Take-off lists
  • As-built drawings

Project Consultancy

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project development consultancy
  • Options analysis
  • Scheduling & Budgeting
  • Quality Assurance

Compliance Inspections and Certifications

We can provide a range of inspections, from recirtifications to lifting studies.

Secondment & Labour Services

  • Blue Collar labour
  • White Collar labour
  • Secondment services